ECKOO is pleased to offer services that can support your business in achieving goals and objectives to satisfy the IT requirements for all staff. Reflecting positively on the delivery of information and effective communication between staff, clients and the wider community

We create sustainable technology solutions, allowing for upgrades when required and consolidation when needed. We work within your strategy to increase effectiveness and we avoid the need for unplanned financial outlays.

Our clients work with us because they understand we implement technology in its entirety and we provide ongoing backup and support, as and when they need it. We believe that your need for IT hardware and peripherals is because you have an organisational issue that needs solving. We tailor our IT solutions to compliment your requirements, including implementation, training, and support.

Ongoing IT support is ECKOO’s priority to our clients, both remote and onsite. This support is based on clients’ requirements, working around their schedules and maintaining a range of options and solutions from which they may select when requesting support.


ECKOO generates an innovative, easy to use, informative technological environment tailored for your business while also equipping you with the structure for potential growth and staff development.

We do this by providing strategic, architectural, operational and implementational support specific to all your technological requirements.

We Equip You With


To our understanding, there are disparities between various forms of IT throughout your business. Without the establishment of a holistic approach to hardware, software, education, and support, the lack of quality and concise information will become evident to your staff and clients.

ECKOO incorporates sustainable solutions for all IT and management-based support, ensuring that we provide the utmost quality while exploring all options for optimum results and growth. Our IT solutions align with your goals and provide you with visions for the future which you may not have even thought possible. This is achieved through continued management, constant consultation, and support following your IT implementation and you will begin to appreciate that the possibilities for teaching, learning and administration will be endless.

We understand your business has a well-deserved reputation for delivering a quality service to your clients and you ultimately are measured by this. However, faced with changes and advancements not only in the services you provide but with technology, this can impact on the productivity of staff and the delivery of current information. We encourage you to take full advantage of improvements in technology by allowing ECKOO to provide you with not only the latest technology but also equally important – our continued, reliable support.

Without improving IT and streamlining the delivery of information to your clients, your business faces the possibility of staff becoming increasingly frustrated with the current IT infrastructure. This could ultimately impact and restrict how they deliver information to clients. Possibly resulting in clients receiving potentially unsatisfactory information and reports.