At ECKOO, we offer a range of services which can support your business by creating IT systems and infrastructure which are functional, efficient and stable. 

We focus on implementing sustainable technology solutions, which allow for upgrades and consolidation when required. Our team works in tandem with your business strategy, tailoring our solutions to your unique requirements and helping you avoid unnecessary financial outlays.

Our clients work with and trust us because we provide holistic technological solutions which guarantee that your IT system works when you need it. We offer project implementation and training services, and our friendly team are experts at bringing you and your staff up to speed when it comes to using new technology.

The provision of ongoing IT support, both on-site and remotely, is something which we make a priority for all of our clients, so once you work with us we will always be available to make assessments or implement upgrades and fixes.


ECKOO creates an innovative and easy-to-use technological environment for your business, equipping you with a structure that will scale alongside you as your business and staff develops. 

We achieve this by providing strategic, architectural, operational and implementation support catered to your technological requirements.

We Equip You With


IT is a complicated field, and as a business owner it can feel difficult to keep up with evolving technologies and ensure that your daily operations and long-term vision for your organisation are being supported by your IT system.

At ECKOO, we align our IT solutions with your goals by creating systems which will scale into the future alongside your business. Your IT setup should be stable but flexible, seamlessly integrating with and supporting your business processes while also being easily upgradable and adjustable.

We understand that IT-affected issues such as delivery of information, cybersecurity, staff productivity and technological ease-of-use can greatly impact your businesses’ success and reputation for excellence, so we centre our services around improving these processes.

Our team takes a holistic approach to your IT requirements, encompassing your hardware, software, educational and support needs. 

We also pride ourselves on our commitment to providing ongoing support for all of our customers, in the form of remote monitoring and in-person consultations which ensure that your IT systems run smoothly and always provide maximum value.