Digital Transformation by ECKOO
Digital Transformation by ECKOO
Digital Transformation by ECKOO

Free Assessment

The first step to Digitally Transform your business is to assess what is already in place. The team at ECKOO will do a full and in-depth assessment of your IT infrastructure and all ongoing business processes. Allowing us to understand what your business needs for a successful digital transformation.

Assessing Different Options

When it’s time to approach a new deal, it can be difficult to know what is best, or if everything you need will be included. At ECKOO we have a customised approach, we fit to your needs and the results you want to see in the future. We understand that all businesses are different allowing for us to create the best package for you and your business.  

Creating a Strategic Plan

Once the ECKOO team has assessed all IT infrastructure and business needs a strategic plan is created. This 4-year plan includes, financial outlays and sustainable IT solutions to suit your business.

Building a Vision

When Digitally Transforming a business the opportunities are limitless, leaving you a world of different visions of how your business could look like in the future. Combing your business vision and our expertise we can produce a plan that will be financially smart and sustainable.

Staging Process

In order to successfully implement all changes with none or the least amount of interruptions to your everyday business we break the process into stages. Depending on how large the transformation will depend on how many stages are needed.


Throughout the whole process, the project manager will be in constant contact to make sure every aspect of your business is running effectively and smoothly. Once work is completed a final review of the project is done, we will ensure you are happy with the work, and any necessary changes are made before completion of work.


Here at ECKOO we appreciate all types of feedback. We love knowing where and how we can improve. And even better we love knowing what we did well. Not only regarding the transformation and the work but completed but we want to know what you love about your new IT infrastructure.


Before the start of the transformation, a project manger will be assigned to the project to ensure everything runs smoothly and if there are any issues, they are taken care of immediately. Before the commencement of work, you will be given delivery, due and completion dates. Ensuring that we are kept accountable and you know exactly when everything is happening and when it will be completed.

Expected Results

Through the planning stage, we will create a project management plan, and keep you informed with progress. From purchasing to implementation and training, you will know what’s going on.

We  expect our proposed solution to your business requirements to provide the following results:

Financial Benefits
  • Developing a sustainable solution
  • Investing in IT longevity
  • Increasing IT effectiveness and avoiding unplanned financial outlays
  • Efficiency resulting in a reduction of your business’s “bottom line”- time is money
Technical Benefits
  • An informative, current, technological environment tailored to your business providing complete automation
  • Ongoing IT support, both remote and onsite
  • Long-term management of IT and infrastructure
  • Projected requirements before they occur, not  when they occur
Client Benefits 
  • Reflecting positively on the delivery of information to clients using the latest, easy-to-use methods
  • Staff and client ability to engage and communicate more effectively
  • Informative, product environment for staff and clients