Digital Transformation by ECKOO
Digital Transformation by ECKOO
Digital Transformation by ECKOO

Free Assessment

The first step of a digital transformation is assessing the systems you already have in place. Our ECKOO team will provide an in-depth assessment of your current IT infrastructure, as well as exploring how effectively it compliments your business processes. This assessment will also allow us to uncover any specific issues or inefficiencies that your current IT setup may be causing.

Assessing Different Options

It is important when implementing upgraded IT systems that they support your unique business requirements. Every company is different, so at ECKOO we take a customised approach which involves gaining an understanding of how your business operates, as well as your long-term vision for the business. This understanding will allow us to create a customised digital transformation plan which is in-line with your operational needs and objectives.

Creating a Strategic Plan

Once your business requirements and IT infrastructure have been properly assessed, the ECKOO team creates a strategic four-year plan which forecasts financial outlays and potential upgrades as well as making provisions for any ongoing support required.

Building a Vision

When approaching a digital transformation, the possibilities are limitless. By getting to understand your business vision, our experts can produce a plan which will provide the technological underpinnings to allow you to achieve your long-term goals.

Staging Process

When implementing a digital transformation, we focus on minimising disruptions to your everyday business. This avoidance of interruption is aided by us breaking the implementation into stages, the amount of which is determined by how large the transformation is.  


Throughout the entire transformation process, our project manager will be in consistent contact with you to ensure that every aspect of the implementation is running steadily. Once work is complete, we perform a final review of the overall project, making sure that you are happy with all of the changes and that any further requirements are taken care of before the project is completed.


At ECKOO, we appreciate all types of feedback. We love knowing where we have excelled, and where we can improve. It is important to us that our customers let us know how their new IT infrastructure is performing, as well as their thoughts on the implementation process itself.


Before we begin your digital transformation, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will ensure that the implementation is carried out smoothly and that any potential issues are taken care of immediately. The manager will provide delivery and completion dates which let you know exactly when the various stages of the transformation are happening as well as when everything will be completed and functional.

Expected Results

Throughout the planning stage we create a project management plan and share it with you. This will let you know when various stages of the transformation will happen, as well as the results you can expect upon delivery.

In terms of these results, our digital transformations aim to deliver:

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Financial Benefits
  • Cost-savings due to the creation of an IT system with longevity.
  • Development of sustainable solutions.
  • Avoiding unplanned financial outlays by streamlining your IT’s effectiveness.
  • Reduced expenses due to the implementation of time-effective systems.
Technical Benefits
  • The creation of an informative, effective and modern technological environment tailored to your business needs.
  • Automation of processes where possible.
  • Ongoing IT support, both remote and onsite.
  • Long-term management of IT and infrastructure.
  • Flagging of potential useful upgrades or changes before they are required.
Client and Staff Benefits 
  • Systems providing effective delivery of information to clients.
  • Efficient methods of communication and engagement between clients and your staff.
  • Easy-to-use IT systems for your staff.