It’s integral that your organisation runs as smoothly as possible with minimal downtime. As part of our managed IT solution packages, we offer 24/7 Remote Monitoring and Management of your organisation’s IT infrastructure. From asset tracking, System Health Monitoring, Patching and even Anti-Virus and Web Protection Software, we offer complete IT solutions for your companies IT needs.

Proactive IT Support

Remote Monitoring & Management

Backup & Recovery

Mail Protection & Archiving

Risk Assessment

Automated Threat Monitoring

Our Approach - Long-term management of your IT system and infrastructure

  • Free Assessment- Detailed analysis of your current environment, reporting on issues and actionable items.
  • On-board – Initial maintenance activities, projects, and remediation required to stabilise your technology.
  • Manage – Ongoing delivery monitoring & maintenance designed to keep your business optimised.
  • Protect – Application of industry best practices for security & backup management.
  • Optimise – Enterprise class automation technology to keep your infrastructure optimised. Critical issues are identified, reported, and resolved in real time.
  • Report – Consistent reporting for insight into management and results being provided to your organisation

Our Solutions

Key Features and Benefits

24/7 Remote monitoring of desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices across operating systems and platforms.

This Includes

  • Alerts and performance checks
  • Security monitoring
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Network device monitoring
  • Mobile device monitoring
  • Virtual machine monitoring
  • Granular roles and permissions
  • Automation and bulk actions

We monitor network devices, including switches, routers, firewalls, and more via SNMP from RMM dashboard.

  • Instant network device discovery
  • Asset information
  • SNMP monitoring
  • Integrated notifications

Unlimited remote support.

  • Instant Support
  • Reporting
  • Anytime access
  • System configuration
  • Performance issue
  • Service management and support

Automatically discover and manage devices as they are joined to the networks.

This includes

  • Device discovery
  • View device details
  • Active Directory monitoring
  • Connection logs
  • Advanced monitoring agent

Enables better understanding of network's performance and infrastructure past internal firewall, from source to destination and everything in between.

This includes

  • 24/7 Monitoring and History
  • Performance and QoS Monitoring
  • Network Visibility
  • Node/Hop Information

Enables for automation of tasks using our drag-and-drop automation editor or by uploading specific scripts.

This includes

  • Easy proactive task automation
  • Bulk changes
  • Proactive tasks
  • Scheduling
  • Custom and Community scripts
  • Flexible drag-and-drop interface

Fine-tune patch management policies to prevent cyber-attacks and optimise system performance.

This includes

View details on just about anything needed with transparent reporting.

This includes

Back up full systems quickly and recover from IT disasters.

This includes

Protects against known viruses and catches new, hard-to-detect malware threats.

This includes

Keeps users safe and productive while they use the web.

This includes

  • Threat protection
  • Bandwidth monitoring
  • Access controls
  • Site blacklists
  • Time-based browsing policies
  • Policies
  • Custom user-facing messaging
  • Individual site blocking

Provides sophisticated scanning of ' IT security and prove value immediately.

This includes

Manage and secure smartphones and tablets.

This includes

Mac device management and protection from cyber-threats with robust antivirus.

This includes

  • Ongoing IT review, planning & project management, leading to efficiency & value and building strong resource management.
  • Ongoing expertise including IT audits and IT strategies
  • Face-to-face tech support with our helpful, fully trained and friendly team.
  • Simple and cost effective technical support giving you access to our full trained technical officers
  • Unlimited remote support
  • Regular onsite virtual CTO visits
  • Regular onsite management visits.

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ECKOO provides a well-equipped team of highly-skilled staff who offer diverse capabilities and experience with a wide range of innovative solutions for your business. The ECKOO team also provides the most appropriate assistance, effective and efficient staff to meet your needs. While endeavouring to streamline your requirements with as little interruption as possible to your business. By providing you with the best-possible, tailored IT solution and ongoing support, ECKOO allows for future progress and leading-edge support for your business.