We provide telephony and internet solutions, as we assist with creating your 21st century business. Flexibility of the VOIP telephony allows you to change and modify almost all aspects of the system, designing a more professional and efficient organisation. NBN internet with unlimited data, full flexibility and high-speed connection, enables your business to run smoothly and with ECKOO’s full support.

  • Phone Number
  • User License
  • Device License
  • Call Plan
  • Equipment & Devices
  • NBN Internet

There are no phone lines your number will never be busy again

Number porting supported. Keep your existing phone number where ever you go.

Order new numbers from 50+ countries around the world. Instant and automated provisioning.

Configure inbound call flow yourself. Point number to a user, menu, call queue or any other subject.

Our pricing structure is based on the number of people using the system. User License allows you to create ‘user object’ in the call flow. User object can then be linked to one or more SIP Devices and to selected call plan.

This allows user to have multiple devices like desk phone, smartphone, PC all linked to same object in the call flow and same call plan, making it easy for other people to reach you.

As a user of the system you can have multiple devices linked to your user object. Those could be desk IP phone, smartphone, PC, or a few desk IP phones located in different places (e.g In the office, at home)

Each device requires device license in our system and allows flexibility of having one user object with one call plan linked to all those devices.

We offer various call plans. From basic timed call plan to fully unlimited. Call plan allows user to make outbound calls at the rates defined in the plan. You can choose different call plans for different users in the system.

You can connect any compatible SIP (VoIP) equipment to the system. Each such device require Device license. Those could be desk IP phones, conference phones, softphones on PC or smartphone, ATA adapters and other devices. To view our range of equipment please have a look at the “Equipment” PDF in the “Download” section above.

High Speed Wifi Modem

Wifi modem which provides amazing wifi speed and coverage.

Contract Options

Our NBN internet comes with no lock in contract.


Allows you to change your plan at any time without additional charge.

Unlimited Data

All our NBN internet plans are suited for business small or large and come with unlimited data plans.

Features and Benefits

Inbound Number: You can order phone numbers including geographical and Toll Free from over 50 countries.

Simultaneous Ring: Your call can be forwarded to multiple telephone numbers simultaneously. This can also include our call confirm.

Voicemail to Email: Any message that is left on your voicemail can be sent to you by email so you can listen to it from anywhere easily.

Time Conditions: Calls can be diverted to different destinations based on time of day or days of the week. For example, calls can be diverted.

Ring Group: Ring group allows you to set a number of users on your PBX to ring simultaneously. e.g. You can have a ring group for the sales.

Call Recording: Call recording feature can be enabled for inbound and/or outbound calls. Each recording is then emailed to the email.

Announcement: When a call is connected, our system can play pre-recorded greeting. After that it can play music to the caller while call is.

Voice Menu: Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu provides callers with a greeting and number of interactive options which.

Queue: If you are unable to pick up a call immediately the call can be placed in a queue with your customised music on hold.

Benefits: Designed for the modern fast paced businesses. Move, adapt. Connect from anywhere, geographically independent. Use desk phones and or mobile devices. Hosted PBX solution that comes with simple, affordable pricing structure.

Flexible Pricing: Combine different call plans. Pay only for what you use. Scale up and down easily.


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VOIP quality guarantee