We provide cutting-edge telephony and internet solutions, with the flexibility of VOIP telephony allowing you to design a professional and efficient communication system which suits your operations.

Our team sets you up with NBN internet, giving you unlimited data, full flexibility and a high-speed connection which caters for all of your internet requirements and includes ongoing support from ECKOO.

Features and Benefits

Inbound Number: You can order phone numbers (including geographical and Toll-Free) from over 50 countries..

Simultaneous Ring: Your call can be forwarded to multiple telephone numbers simultaneously. This can also include our Call Confirm option.

Voicemail to Email: Any message that is left on your voicemail can be sent to you by email so you easily access it anywhere.

Time Conditions: Calls can be diverted to different destinations based on time of day or days of the week.

Ring Group: Ring group allows you to set a number of users on your PBX to ring simultaneously. For example, you can create a ring group for your sales team.

Call Recording: Call recording feature can be enabled for inbound and/or outbound calls. Each recording is then sent to your email.

Announcement: When a call is connected, our system can play a pre-recorded greeting. After that it can play music to the caller while the call is on hold.

Voice Menu: Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu provides callers with a greeting and number of interactive options.

Queue: If you are unable to pick up a call immediately the call can be placed in a queue with your customised music playing while the caller is on hold.

Adaptivity: Connect from anywhere independent of geographical location. Use desk phones and/or mobile devices. Hosted PBX solution that comes with a simple, affordable pricing structure.

Flexible Pricing: Combine different call plans which let you pay only for what you use and scale up and down easily.

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