Year of APP Development:


Start Date:

June 2021

Completion Date:

Dec 2021 


7 Months


Brisbane, Queensland 

New Farm Editions

The New Farm Editions Point of Sale System is used to streamline and provide effective information
for the business. Not only does it provide a general point of sale but includes business and product maintenance functions such as reporting of sales and reporting of products such as items that have
been written off. 


The objective of the application is to streamline a point of sales system that incorporates reporting data for the user. The application is a basic POS System that allows the user to provide sales details for the customer, including items purchased, total sale cost, GST information, and date stamped.
Other POS systems have limitations such as the number of categories that can be added to the app, or the number of products. However, in this system, the user will be able to create as many categories, sub-categories, and products as they see fit, as the shop has thousands of different types of items ranging in different categories.


Standard Employees:

  • Ability to create a sales transaction have all functions related to the sales transaction, i.e change product quantities, provide discounts etc.
  • Choose which payment method the customer will pay with. o Cash, Card, Gift Certificate or Credit.
  • Cashiers will have the ability to select the Current Cashier, so that an ID will be tied to every sale that has been made.
  • Ability to create a new layby and add new customer information.
  • Ability to add a layby payment.
  • Ability to create a new gift certificate if a customer chooses to purchase one.
  • Ability to create a work order when a customer chooses to return specific items that have been purchased from the store, and allow the user to provide cash back or store it within the customers credit account.

Administrators will have standard user functions as well as these extended functions:

  • Ability to Edit and Add existing/new products.
  • Ability to edit and add existing/new categories and sub-categories.
  • Ability to add and remove Sales Persons for usage within the application.
  • Ability to add and edit Suppliers, which are tied to Purchase Orders.
  • Ability to generate and manage purchase orders within the system.
  • Ability to view and generate both a Daily Amounts Report and a Monthly Amount Report.
  • Ability to manage customer store credits

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