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Brisbane, QLD


Queensland Touch Football (QTF) is the official state body of touch football in Queensland and a member of Touch Football Australia (TFA).  QTF is responsible for the development and growth of the sport across the state including the leadership and management of competitions, representative pathways, events, game development and participation. QTF aims to create a culture and environment that provides opportunities for all people to participate and thrive through their touch football experience.


To create an application useful for all people involved in touch football. This includes athletes, coaches, referees and spectators. The application aims to develop player, coach and referee abilities on an individual level as well as easily connect teams for overall team development.

Users will have the opportunity to keep up with the sport by connecting with an affiliate, keep up to date with events, view touch football related news and have access to deals provided by partners of Queensland Touch Football.

The application will also provide a section to generate reports for analysis by the QTF administration.


Migrating their reporting system from manual handling to digital as there were a lot of granular reports requested that needed to suit the business needs.


  • Store basic user information, additional information will be used to determine the type of user (athlete, coach, etc).
  • Allow a user to provide feedback.
  • Provide a solution for a user to connect with an affiliate.
  • Provide a platform for Queensland Touch Football related news to be viewed.
  • Provide the ability to filter the news articles.
  • Allow a user to view and access special offers provided by QTF partners.
  • Provide a platform to view live Queensland Touch Football games and previous games.
  • Provide a user with the ability to easily get event information.
  • Provide a user with training plans and custom training resources.
  • Give users access to specific views/ functions depending on the type of user and user privileges (such as a coach creating a team or giving access to a referee to view the referee training resources).
  • Allow an admin user to view and generate reports.

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