Year of APP Development:


Start Date:

Feb 2019

Completion Date:

May 2019


4 Months 


Park Ridge, Queensland 

The Security Dome

A complete business management software will be created to help streamline processes within the
business. This includes creating and managing customer information, jobs, and inventory. This explains further requirements and objectives the application hopes to achieve.


The Security Dome are wanting to expand on the application they currently use and extend its features to help with processing information more efficiently, add functionality and more. The benefits of extending their current application will provide access to technicians to easily process dockets and provide information back to admin without double handling any information. The focus will be to streamline the workflow from inception of the job to the completion and payment. By providing an automated system
as well as providing reports.


Administrators will be able to:

  • Create and monitor a Security Dome Job.
  • Select the type of job for technicians to pick up, view and complete.
    • Service Order
    • Installation
    • Job Continuation
    • Zone Listing
    • Monitoring Agreement
  • Delete and Modify jobs at any point.
  • Create, Edit and Delete Customers from the system.
  • Add/Remove Floorplan attachment to a customer.
  • Add/Remove images attached to a job, to help provide information on what type of work was involved at a job site.
  • Ability to manually send a tax invoice to the customer.
  • Ability to manage inventory, this includes being able to add/edit and remove products into the system.
  • Ability to generate a quote and send it off to the customer.
    • Modify and add a selection of hours, items to generate a custom quote.
  • Ability to view Company and Technician KPI’s
    • Total Sales within a timeframe.
    • Jobs completed by Technician by time frame.
    • Jobs completed overall by time frame.
    • Inventory reporting
      • Provide total purchase price of whole inventory.
      • Provide total sell price of whole inventory.